Diploma in Yoga Training

This course can be done by 2 methods :

This course is beautifully designed using the latest software to make Training Videos & Practical Demonstrations with Diagrams, Charts, Q&A series for in depth & easy learning.
Duration: 3 Months.
Fees: 19,990/-. For Prospectus & Batch Dates, send us Enquiry Form in 'Contact Us'.

Duration: 3 Months.
Fees: 19,990 - 50% DISCOUNT = 9995/-.
For Prospectus & Batch Dates, send us Enquiry Form in 'Contact Us'.

Eligibility: No specific education required. Only interest in learning required. No Age bar. Open for Ladies & Gents.

Trainers: Your course is well planned by senior Yoga & Medical professionals with lots of ‘Case Studies’ for managing various Clinical health conditions, So learn from the best because you deserve the best.

 Job Opportunity: Get a Job OR work as a Yoga Trainer, become Freelance YogaTrainer OR start own Yoga Studio. See ‘Careers’ Page for more details.


1. Anatomy & Physiology - Muscular-Skeletal, Nervous, Digestive, Circulatory & Respiratory Systems.
2. Yoga Principles & its Functioning.
3. POWER YOGA - for Weight Loss / Obesity
4. YOGASANAS - Specially designed Asanas for:
    a. Diabetes - to manage insulin production & increase metabolism.
    b. Digestive Disorders – to tone Gastro-Intestinal organs & improve their performance.
    c. Back Pain – to strengthen back muscles, spinal nerves & improve Flexibility.
    d. Detoxification – to improve the functioning of Urinary & excretory organs.
    e. Heart & Lung function – to improve Cardio-Respiratory efficiency.
5. PRANAYAM - Various Breathing exercises to
    a. Improve ‘Prana’ the life force & increase longevity.
    b. Increase Heart & Lung capacity – to manage Blood Pressure (BP)
    c. Stimulate Endocrine Glands – to manage Obesity, Stress, Diabetes etc.
6. YOGA BANDHAS – for various health benefits.
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