Diploma in Massage & Spa Therapy

This course can be done by 2 methods :

Method 1: ONLINE
The course is beautifully designed using the latest American software to make Videos of Massage Practical. Each Massage is shown Step by Step on each Body Part.
Classes in Hindi & English that you can choose.
Days & Time: See the lessons any time in the day & see them many times.
Duration: 3 Months.
Fees: 24,990/-.
For Prospectus & Batch Dates, send us Enquiry Form in 'Contact Us'.

Method 2 : CLASSROOM
Classes are in Hindi, Marathi & English.
Duration: 3 Months.
Days & Time: Every Sundays – 2 to 4
Fees: 24,990/-.
For Prospectus & Batch Dates, send us Enquiry Form in 'Contact Us'.

Eligibility: Anybody interested to learn Massage Therapy. No specific education required.

Trainers: Experienced Doctor & Spa Consultants. Separate training rooms & teachers for Males & Females.

 Job Opportunity: Become a Certified Massage/ Spa Therapist in Cruise liners, Gyms, 5 Star Hotels, Spas, Massage centres or work as Free Lancers.
See ‘Careers’ Page for more details.


1. Anatomy - Study of Nervous System, Muscular & Skeletal Systems.
    100 % PRACTICALS OF:
A] Massage Therapies
2. Swedish Massage- European, Physiotherapy Massage for Muscle Toning & Deep Tissue. Ideal Sports & Fitness massage.
3. Ayurvedic Massage- Famous Indian & Kerala Massage (Snehan).
    - Abyanga, Mardan & Unmardan for Body & Joint pain & Loosening Doshas.
4. Bamboo Massage- traditional Hawaiian (USA) Body Spa Therapy.
5. Deep Tissue Massage- to reach deep & inner muscles. Good for Gym goers/ heavy body.
6. Sports Massage- for Sports people & Athletes
7. Heat & Steam Therapies - Orthopedic Heat Pad & Peti Swedhan.
8. Pain Management Therapy for Back, Legs, Knees & Neck 
9. Machine Treatments with Electric Massager & Massage Equipments.
B] Spa Therapies
10. Hot Stone Therapy & Massage- to stimulate the Energy Chakras & Kundalini Shakti.
11. Accupressure (Foot Reflexology) - Pressure Points to treat the Body
12. Cupping Therapy - Improve blood circulation, Relax muscle tension & Improve muscle Nutrition.
13. Thai Massage - Famous massage of Thailand

Placements:VLCC, Talwalkars, Mickey Mehta's 360o, Dr. Nayak's PrettSlim, Dr. Mukherji's Total Health, Fayth Wellness Clinic,
Dr. Bhavana Shah's Fitness Highway, Dr. Suman Agarwal's Selfcare, Dr. Sodha's Fat 2 Fit, Dr. Nigam's Good Health, Dr. Geetaa
Shah's Fat Free, Shelly Khera's Slim Sutra, Pure Energy, Ravi Krishnamurthy's Nutrition Clinic, BodyFitness, Fit n Fine & about 50
Weight loss & Healthcare clinics.

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