Diploma in Acupressure

Duration: 1 ½ Months.
Days & Time: Every Sundays – 9 to 11
Fees: 14,990/-. For Prospectus & Batch Dates, send us Enquiry Form in 'Contact Us'.

Eligibility: Anybody interested to learn Acupressure / Foot Reflexology. No specific education required.

Trainers: Experienced Doctor & Spa Consultants.

 Job Opportunity: Become a Certified Acupressure Therapist in Cruise liners, Spas, Massage centres or work as Free Lancers. See ‘Careers’ Page for more details.


1. Anatomy  - Study of Nervous System, Muscular & Skeletal Systems.
2. Practical of Foot Reflexology Points for :
    a. Paralysis & Parkinson's Disease - to stimulate the motor nerves.
    b. Diabetes - to stimulate insulin production
    c. Weight Loss/ Regulate BMR - to stimulate endocrine glands
    d. Arthritis & Joints Pain - to ease nerve tension in the region
    e. Thyroid- useful in Hypo or Hyper Thyroidism
    f. Sinus - to manage cold & cough
    g. Digestive organs- Liver, Intestines, Stomach etc.
    h. Heart - to manage B.P..
     i. Lungs - to stimulate lung function, manage Asthma
     j. Hair - to prevent Hair Loss & Hair Thining.
    k. Lower Back Pain – to ease pain in the Lumbo-Sacral region of the back
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